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SHERBET IMAGE is currently a duo, consisting of Nick Fisher on bass and Nathan Fisher on trumpet. The album presented here is aptly named "Sketches" because it's comprised of several compositions which could easily be adapted and perhaps more completely executed by full-size bands.

Sherbet Image have gigged locally for some time, and were ready to spread their gigging wings when Covid hit the entertainment world. In absence of gigs, the duo worked to produce an album of all-original compositions. These pieces, being musical sketches, have as a "guest" theme the artist Vincent Van Gogh, hence the Gogh-esque design on the front cover of the album (not the design featured on this page). One track is specifically dedicated to him: "Ode To Vincent".

Sketches is a mix of jazz sub-genres, with a variety of influences. This reflects the umbrella of styles enjoyed by the duo. Nathan is perhaps more mainstream in his influences and preferences, while Nick's musical make-up is more electric and oriented towards a jazz/rock fusion.

Nick's biggest bass-playing idols have been Stanley Clarke, Eddie Gomez, Ron Carter and Jaco Pastorius. Nathan names his biggest trumpeting inspirations to date as Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Hargrove and Alison Balsom.

 Nick's playing experience includes styles ranging all the way from jazz to punk; new-age to professional theatrical productions; and brass-band to experimental electronica, while Nathan's includes A-team big band ventures at university, and several smaller combo settings, one of which is Sherbet Image. He's also demonstrated the enviable ability to absorb the entire jazz-standards knowledge base: titles, melodies, chords composers, and more.